Yuki Yanagi



  • Whyd
    Good vibes from the Whyd team
  • Gilles
    I'm cool. You're cool. Everything is gonna be cool.
  • Adrien Joly
    Picky but diverse: indie/post/angry rock, fusion jazz, synthwave, chiptune... Also, I lead the development of openwhyd.org.
  • Tony Hymes
    Got a Lambo like LeBron's mom
  • Loick
    Digital product designer at Whyd
  • Julien Pelletier
    I design things.
  • Radar bazaaR
    In the Disco Space Dropping all over the world smooth/hard electronic candies Co-founder of Siren Dipity Collective
  • Aline
    Music is emotion
  • Music Like Dirt
    Music blog (est. 2005) - Wandering haphazardly across the musical tracks for a couple of decades. No preset styles or genres, just good music.
  • ClĂ©ment P.
    bip, bip.
  • OneOneSix