Tarantella - San Telmo (2005)

Oct 2017

Zipang added this track to A Bullet in the Head

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You make my blood pound faster
You make the rain fall harder
You make the room spin 'round
As I stand real still
We built a house on sand
You feed your baby water
And now my heart beats fast
So much for peaceful dance
You wanted then to be a dancer
Well, sit down and dance
Sit down my man
And I'll dance right out the door
If I have just a little
Yeah, it's been bad, evil
Let's make love a rumor
We'll let the roof fall in
Is this how they live here in San Telmo?
Is this what they do for kicks?
I think I said Telmo
Before I knew your name
I fell winter to summer
I'm your summer, my winter
And let's make love a rumour
Now that I got this over
You know?
You know I never loved San Telmo

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