djzentao ( david zentao )

psychill, ambient ,folk ,world ,post-rock. world tribal, dub
Sound design, library music , electroblues, country western ,celtic
instrumental , funk ,nu-disco



  • Ben
    Toute musique tant que ça me donne des émotions : rock - pop - metal - hardcore - post rock - post hardcore - electro, etc. Batteur
  • Israel Lindenbaum
  • Radar bazaaR
    In the Disco Space Dropping all over the world smooth/hard electronic candies Co-founder of Siren Dipity Collective
  • Aline
    Music is emotion
  • Elektrøkute
  • Rien
    Bass Cumbia Acid Drum Techno Dub Reggae Deep Trip Hop Abstract Hip Hop Electronic Remix Hard Beat Cover Funk Rock Metal Punk Indus Pop Jazz & ...
  • Maudling
  • Alexis Rousseau
  • Tis
    Ex - Selecta / Co-founder @ Enlarge Your Playlist (RIP) DJ / Digger / Music Lover / Whatever
  • Louis de Sentenac
    The music I listen will tell you a lot more about me than I ever will.
  • Adrien Galibert
  • Laura
  • Jaze Baqti